Goodbye 2017!!!

As another year winds down, it is a time of reflection on what transpired during the past twelve months. Did our New Years Resolutions get the best of us again? Did we accomplish our BHAG’s (big hairy audacious goals)? How many new friends did we encounter along the way? What new births did we say hello to? How many have we said goodbye to?

It saddens my heart when people tell me that “not much happened to me this year.”  How are these people living? Do they really ignore all the little things that happen on a regular basis? We all have our stories to tell each and every year.

This was the reason I chose to use this picture to represent our lives. Hope you will find your own journey in this post.

I like this picture. This road of life we travel each day has a destination. Along the way, every inch reveals differences that we tend to ignore as we focus only on the road in front of us. In this picture, however, I am looking at it from my rear view mirror.

The road is paved and striped. It appears that we have traveled a straight path to somewhere. The scenery is spectacular and while on a long journey, it seems so unattainable (“Are we there yet?“).

What is amazing about this journey are the many cracks on this asphalt of life. From afar, one cannot see these faults but when we are approaching or passing over these same surfaces, the lines are revealed.

Have you ever kept a diary? If you are not that disciplined, try this instead. Using your wall calendar, jot down some events throughout the month that had an impact on your life. It could be a planned vacation, meeting someone new that day, a spontaneous act of kindness, etc. This does not take much effort as it would not be a daily chore but you must remember to write down an unusual event in that month.

At the end of 2018, read your calendar and you will be amazed at the many small events (cracks in the road of life) which happened that were easily forgotten. This is a fun way to fill up your wall calendar. However, if you have a calendar in which you already fill it with your social events, then this would not be the calendar you use for this special assignment – go buy another one.

When I reflect back on my 2017 events, it seems like a blur. In a whirlwind, we went on a first-ever family cruise, attended five weddings, helped one son move into his new home while visiting two other sons in their new homes, got sick for the first time in 4-5 years, had my first-ever hospital stay for 4 days, started a new business networking group, spent Christmas away from family due to our first colds in a few years, lost an auntie, and there are still a few more days left in 2017!!!

Did I accomplish all of my goals? No.

Did I learn from these failures which will inspire me for 2018? Yes.

Am I looking forward to a better year? Of course!

I hope your 2017 was filled with many things you can appreciate, love, release, and remember.

Here’s wishing you a fantastic 2018!

(don’t forget to document those small events on a separate calendar throughout the year – it will be fun to reflect upon it next December)



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