The Caregiver’s Gift

I was a guest at a party last weekend. There were plenty of people I did not know but we were all there to celebrate a mutual friend’s retirement as an educator. The food was plentiful, the drinks were flowing, and laughter filled the air. It was a fun celebration and I was happy to be a part of it all.

When I filled my plate with food, I looked for a place to sit down. So many smiling faces and you could tell that this long-time educator was loved by many people.


There was a seat on the couch with a TV tray waiting for my presence. I did not want to steamroll others so I patiently stood still for a few seconds in case someone else saw the same opportunity.

Will you look at the time?! Five seconds were up! No takers!

I walked across the room and carefully placed my plate on the tray. Before I sat down, I introduced myself to a couple who were already seated next to this same area. They were pleasant and the conversation flowed effortlessly. We were interrupted only one time when another friend stopped by to say hello to them.

When they returned to our own little conversation, she mentioned that they knew of two couples in their social circle who were undergoing cancer battles.

Then it hit me.

My book!

I shared my story with them and how I published my story for others to read. They were excited to hear about my story and I gave them enough information to wet their appetite. I had a couple of new books in my car so I excused myself to retrieve them.

When I returned, I gave two copies of my book to her and asked that she pass it along to her friends who were battling cancer. She appreciated the gesture and looked forward to reading the book as well.

She asked me if I had another project on the horizon. I told her that I am in the process of writing my second book as a sequel. She asked what it would be about.

During my speaking engagements after the first publication, I met audience members who encouraged me to write about the year following my loss. I shared with this couple that my second book would be based upon my year immediately after my loss. They encouraged me to complete this project as it would impact many who will have (or already had) lost loved ones. I thanked them for the words of encouragement.

We separated to mingle with other guests.

My heart was warmed as it has been a while since I shared my story with others. This reignited my passion to complete my next book project (first draft is already done).

Many of us will become caregivers sometime in the near future. Many may have already experienced this road of hurt and passion. It is a difficult subject and many avoid it like the plague.

My advice is to embrace it and be prepared to handle the emotions if you become a caregiver. There are many types of caregivers but all have the same passion to help others during their struggles.

Can you do someone you love a favor this year? If you know of a person who has embarked or will be joining the caregivers rank but are discouraged or lost, direct them to my book – “Every Day Passes Is One Day Closer” – on Amazon. It is available as a paperback or a Kindle download. A customer review would be greatly appreciated as well.

You just never know how your gift will bless someone in their time of need.

Thank you on behalf of caregivers everywhere!



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