A Lesson From The Storm


The windows and walls reverberated from the sound of thunder from our quiet cul-de-sac. Less than two seconds earlier, the flash of lightning warned me that a storm was coming.

Aside from the cold air seeping into the house (no matter how hard I tried to block all entry points), the ferocity of the weather pattern caught many people off-guard.

Then a strange sound caught my attention!



The cold air caused a shower of ice balls to fall from the sky! It was a heavy downpour that lasted a few minutes.

I grabbed my phone, ran to the porch, and recorded the natural beauty of this storm. No words were needed as I simply admired this gift from God.

While I panned the walkway, neighbor’s driveway, down the street, and trying not to make myself dizzy, I thought about how this could apply to one’s life.


First there was the gathering of the gray clouds. Though this does not always indicate a bad storm is on the horizon, it is a sign of things to come. Life is sometimes overcast with gray clouds. While we would love to always see blue skies, turmoil helps us appreciate those great days and memories.

Suddenly, a flash of lightning disturbs our day. We never know or can anticipate the arrival of this natural warning. How many times have we had our own flashes in life and immediately knew there was something bigger coming our way? Life is a mystery and events such as a bad health diagnosis, a pregnancy, or other changes in our comfort zone heightens are senses and raises our guard.

Then the inevitable happens – thunder!

Depending upon the gap between the flash of lightning and the sound of thunder, one can determine if they are in the midst of the chaos. The storm I experienced today had a gap of less than two seconds!!!

I hurt for those who are given an initial diagnosis of cancer, for example, only to realize that the battle had already begun long before the diagnosis. We are now in the middle of the piercing battle that yields no escape except “through” it. You cannot turn back or try to hide from it.

In some cases, a more sinister attack occurs! In this case, hail.


The coldness yields a perfect environment for these small pellets to remain in its hard, round form causing havoc for drivers and pedestrians alike. Just like cancer in its metastatic state even after months of treatments, this reality can be very hard to handle for most people. Rather than choosing to wallow in this hailstorm of woes, many will choose to prepare themselves for the next outcome – whatever that may be.

Eventually, one will either push through the storms of life or be caught up in its turmoil. Some outcomes may be undesirable but there is always a silver lining afterward.

My hope is that whatever you are facing, your storms will pass as long as you go “through” it – that is the only direction that will work.

Be safe, get healthy, and appreciate the storms in your life because blue skies will appear again soon!




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