A Decade of Blessings

Has it been ten years already?

For those of you who have known my story or have been following my past blog posts, you will understand this question.

It has been a while since my last post and life has been busy – that is a good thing!

This time of year is especially difficult for me. It is a reminder of those last few days, ten years ago, in which I had to prepare for our uncertain future. The days were dark and moral support was much appreciated.

Today is my reminder of our last goodbye one decade ago. It was also the turning point of my life and the blessings to come. So I chose to be victorious in spite of the tragedy.

What were the blessings during these past ten years? I am glad you asked.

Aside from a new blended family, I am a grandfather today. Soon, I will be doubly blessed with another one in January.

I have been blessed with a new life partner and love traveling with her to different places and creating new stories together.

After publishing my first book with a second one soon to be released, I have been blessed with opportunities to share my story with audiences of various backgrounds. The stories from audience members afterward touched my heart continuously.

My business skills were utilized at different stages to help others with personal and professional goals. Being gainfully employed helped as well. It feels great to be acknowledged for my past experiences.

I have witnessed many special weddings including three in our new family and one that has been 25 years in the making. Miracles never cease to amaze me.

In spite of a car accident which totaled the last physical attachment I had of her, I have been blessed with a new car to hold new memories with my new love! It is a material thing but emotions are strong with this one.

Am I famous?

Am I special?

Do I deserve these blessings?

What I have learned these past ten years is that one must look up to see the opportunities that awaits us. No matter the clouds, there is a blue sky beyond. We just have to trust that fact!

Looking down and around only means that you have not picked yourself up yet. The decision to stand is a defining moment that will set the stage for the future. Even doing nothing is a decision!

Therefore, I chose not to allow present circumstances, tragedies, and failures, keep me down. I knew there would be blue skies beyond those dark clouds. I chose to ascend.

In essence, I chose the courage to live on!


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