About Me

Thank you for visiting my blog site and I hope these stories and comments will encourage you to live!!

This site is dedicated to those of us who have lost loved ones yet have made the personal choice to find their courage to live on so that the memories will honor those who have gone before us.

I felt compelled to author this blog site as I, too, have lost a few loved ones. In particular, I lost two wives in a span of only three years. My choice to honor the memory of my first wife and my caregiving experience is found in my book entitled “Every Day Passes Is One Day Closer” and can be ordered on CreateSpace and Amazon. My hope is that this book will encourage others as they provide care to their loved ones during a life battle.

This site is intended as a collection of hope so please honor that intent and help others with your stories.

Thank you and though many of us will never meet, our words will bind our hearts together as long as you have the Courage to Live On!


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