When you’re alone and life is making you lonely, You can always go…Downtown” – Downtown by Petula Clark

They were small in stature but lived a big life. For my uncle and aunt, size did not matter! Both stood five-feet or less yet they enjoyed life to the fullest!

I had the honor and privilege of attending one of the more memorable services in my lifetime. What a blessing to live with your best friend, forever lover, mother of your children, and the most beautiful woman you have ever laid eyes on.

This was the love story of two people who overcame many obstacles and chose to see life as a joyous occasion no matter the circumstances.

So what is with the old pop song Downtown?

Here is my tribute to my aunt and uncle…. Continue reading “Downtown….”


A Special Assignment

Cathy and her twelve year-old daughter, Melissa, arrived at the local mall for an afternoon of memories and fun. Little did she know, this day would leave an impression for the rest of her life.

Melissa marveled at the retail stores enticing would-be customers to spend their money on discounted merchandise. The sunlit atrium was accompanied with the chatter of many conversations. Fast-paced shoppers with colorful logo bags weaved throughout the crowds in search of their next sales conquest.

Cathy stopped in the middle of this busy mall, turned to her daughter and said, “Today, I have a special assignment for you.

Would it be a shopping-spree type of day? It was not her birthday or any other special occasion that she could think of. What could this “special assignment” be? Her big smile and wide eyes eagerly awaited her mother’s next words.

With love, Cathy shared what the special assignment would be.

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The Holidays Have Arrived!


The holidays seem to have arrived faster this year than most! Perhaps it is a sign of aging or maybe it is the retailers who are always trying to push the seasons faster (have you noticed that Christmas items have been on the shelves since September?).


I cannot wait for that turkey leg and catching up with family members. The many dinners and seasonal foods will definitely force me to stay disciplined with my exercise routines! Of course I could use the excuse that our bodies automatically add a few pounds in the winter for “insulation” (yeah, right).

Then the frenzy of Christmas shopping, the crowds (although I hear online sales are increasing every year now – smart shoppers). Traditions, whether old or new, are created and passed down to the next generation. It is especially fun with the younger kids and their innocence of life.


Presents are wrapped, stockings are hung, and the aroma of sugar cookies fill the house! We do this every year, right? The chaos and panic of finding the perfect gifts, hiding them early only to hyperventilating as we forget where we hid those gifts! Or how about the late night, hide in the garage, hope to fix it right the first time, bicycle!!! Don’t know what is worse – finding extra screws after the assembly or watching your child learn to ride their first bike while parts are slowly dropping along their path to that “right of passage” first-time crash into the bushes (or parked car).

Yet for others, the holidays mean something totally different. Continue reading “The Holidays Have Arrived!”

A Familiar Look…

We attended the funeral service of a dear sister in Christ who was suddenly taken home at the end of August. She was only 55 years young and was full of life. She had a conversation with her brother the night before she passed and everything seemed normal.

She leaves behind a humble and wonderful husband and two grown daughters who are just beginning their lives in the world. Nothing prepared them for this unexpected loss. I was very shocked to hear this news (as many were as well) and could not wrap my mind around the finality of the situation.

The funeral service was amazing and celebrated her life in a beautiful way. Continue reading “A Familiar Look…”

Deja Vu (from the movies)

Have you ever watched a fact-based movie and got caught up in the emotions of the characters? I don’t mean crying when the script manipulates one’s feelings but to have a heart-felt hurt for the character because YOU have lived it yourself?

This happened to me recently and I was totally caught off-guard.

It all began one evening when I was exhausted from the week’s activities and simply wanted to watch a movie on Netflix (you know, something mindless). I had been following this one series due to the nature of the characters and was excited when part-3 was available.

OK, it was an action movie but based on a true story. I like those type of movies. So I hit <Play>… Continue reading “Deja Vu (from the movies)”

All For A Purse?

I wonder how society has reduced itself to material possessions in exchange for dignity and human preservation. In spite of the economic data (which I always believe to be politically slanted), the good people of the United States are not completely back on their feet financially.

This gives way to an excuse for criminal activity by some while others are simply trying to get by with whatever they have left. Many strive to live on and do their best to maintain whatever lifestyle they can afford. Yet, there are some who insist on inflicting pain and suffering to satisfy their own lack of gain.

Such was the sadness felt by my local community only a few days ago. Continue reading “All For A Purse?”

The Holidays – Full of Cheer (and Tears)


The holiday season is finally upon us! No matter where you live, we all share the same dates on the calendar. Thanksgiving in America, Christmas, and New Year’s Day (followed close behind with Valentine’s Day in February). We spend so much money trying to find favor from loved ones with our material gifts. Then our tears really begin in January as we realize how much we spent for Christmas shopping alone! Continue reading “The Holidays – Full of Cheer (and Tears)”