A Familiar Look…

We attended the funeral service of a dear sister in Christ who was suddenly taken home at the end of August. She was only 55 years young and was full of life. She had a conversation with her brother the night before she passed and everything seemed normal.

She leaves behind a humble and wonderful husband and two grown daughters who are just beginning their lives in the world. Nothing prepared them for this unexpected loss. I was very shocked to hear this news (as many were as well) and could not wrap my mind around the finality of the situation.

The funeral service was amazing and celebrated her life in a beautiful way. Continue reading “A Familiar Look…”


Haunted By A Sciuridae…

During our recent trip to the San Francisco Botanical Garden, we were amazed by the different blooms that welcomed us to its natural playground. Devoid of many tourists, the pathways were peaceful. Strolling along the paved routes, we stumbled upon a squirrel.

It was kind enough to pose for a “welcome” photo opportunity so I snapped it.


Continuing our exploration of the massive garden, we noticed something… Continue reading “Haunted By A Sciuridae…”

Living Life As A Hummingbird

This past weekend, my wife and I visited a beautiful botanical garden in San Francisco’s Golden Gate Park. With the camera around my shoulder, we set out to enjoy the overcast day sprinkled with the occasional sunshine peaking through the clouds.

First of all, I am not a photographer by any stretch of the imagination but sometimes, my beginners luck provides some fantastic shots (especially after I crop some unnecessary background images).

We noticed a hummingbird hovering about thirty feet from us. It was so small against the backdrop of the beautiful green landscape and foliage. I had no chance of capturing the bird in-flight unless I pressed the shutter button as fast as I could.

In an instant, it was gone but oh, the picture I captured. Then I thought about our lives and how we live like hummingbirds. What do I mean?

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The Cross and The Bunny…

There have always been two different thoughts about Easter – the resurrection of Jesus Christ as the sacrificial lamb of God and (sigh), the Easter bunny with its colored plastic eggs filled with sweet treats.

On the one hand, it is a time of remembrance and thankfulness for the Son of God who bore the sins of man once and for all by dying on the cross. The glorious news was that He died on a Friday but He rose on Sunday! Not even death can destroy God’s plan of Salvation and the proof is plentiful including… Continue reading “The Cross and The Bunny…”

The Rehearsal…

Well, reality is about to set in for me.

I have been busy helping my son and future daughter-in-law with their banquet guest list and table placements. So much to do and so little time left!! The busyness of the event can create stress for all parties involved and one does not realize the myriad of activities involved to plan a wedding.

Friday night arrives and the rehearsal was scheduled for 7:00 pm. The evening was pleasant as the sun was setting. Just a week before, Continue reading “The Rehearsal…”

Another TV Interview Done!!!

So blessed to have completed another TV interview which is airing during the next few weeks. Eventually, the show will be nationwide via DirecTV and DISH. God is opening doors for Barb Marshall and her ministry and I am so proud to be a part of it.

The message of hope and love through my unfortunate circumstances in life will hopefully bless others as they go through their struggles. No one wants to deal with tragedies but in reality, we will encounter them sooner or later. Continue reading “Another TV Interview Done!!!”