Blessings and Honor

What a blessing to have a few readers post their personal comments about their emotions when they read my book. My intention was always to be a blessing to others as I will never know the life struggles my readers will have at the time of their reading (of my book).

Here are comments posted by some readers (thank you) and I hope it will encourage the sharing of my book to others in need of hope, strength, and faith as they walk through their own “valleys” in life.

What a beautiful tribute to Diana Gee! Truly an inspiring love story. You cannot help but experience the emotions as if you were a part of the story. I cried (lots!), I smiled and felt the love. I could not put the book down. This book is a must read for everyone especially those that are having to deal with medical challenges. You WILL truly enjoy this book!

Amazing story of love and life struggle. How a family copes with terminal sickness. The love and support. Hope this book will help a lot of families going through a similar experience. I had the privilege to meet the author and was inspired by his outlook on life and faith.

I read this book and loved it! This is a real story about real people, and my heart was touched deeply! I cried real tears, I felt deep emotions and I recommend this book to EVERYONE who has ever been in love!!!

The honor is truly mine as I am humbled by the privilege of sharing my story to countless others whom I may never meet in person but am praying that God will heal their hearts and give them hope!

To God be the glory!


Lost My Wallet (part 2 of 2)

Sometimes God answers our prayers in a slow manner or causes us to wait for His answers. Other times, He answers rather quickly. We all prefer the quick answers yet what seems important to us is rather trivial to Him. He wants us to trust in Him – not on our own efforts.

Well, after my prayer of hoping my wallet would be found, I received a text message from Chris (see part 1 of this story). She asked what time we would arrive back at the SP for the Awards Dinner. In my response, I informed her that I had lost my wallet and do not know where it could be. She asked how she could help me. I replied and told her that I had already contacted the SP security team and they recommended that I contact my company’s front desk registration team. I told her that I do not know “who” I can contact about this.

I prayed once more about my situation and tried to stop my brain from receiving negative outcomes. Immediately after this prayer, my phone vibrated – it was Chris. I wonder why she was calling me… Continue reading “Lost My Wallet (part 2 of 2)”

Another Branch of Life…

The strength of a sturdy tree is found in the roots that establishes its foundation. These roots must push through the impacted soil around it to ensure that the longevity of the tree remains for generations to come.

On the top-side, however, the magnificence of this same tree is admired by its many branches that display new and constant growth. Each branch depicts a different story of this same tree which, in itself, holds new adventures and purpose.

As I reflect upon the parallelism of this natural wonder with that of the “family tree”, I find it amazing that many analogies can be developed from such a simple concept. This weekend, I saw the next branch of life extending from our family tree and  Continue reading “Another Branch of Life…”

“Quiet On The Set!”

What a privilege to step back onto the TV set with Barb Marshall today (see photos for Barb Marshall Interview dated April 27, 2015). Her ministry is aimed towards those who are seeking hope in the midst of their struggles. After my first interview with her in October 2014, she promised to schedule a follow-up interview once I had my book published. Well, she delivered on her promise and I appreciated it very much!

It was very exciting to hear her introduce me as a “published author and speaker”! My journey has only begun and I am so grateful that God had put us together by design at the last Christian Writers Conference.

How we met is an interesting story… Continue reading ““Quiet On The Set!””

What Does A Bunny Have To Do With Easter?

This question came from my wise eleven-year old nephew at Easter dinner on Sunday. He is a smart young boy who asks great questions. I simply love how the mind of an innocent child works because it brings us all back to the basics of everything (and the truth).

In fact, he went on with another question (or rather, a statement of fact really). He stated, with authority, that rabbits DO NOT LAY EGGS! Continue reading “What Does A Bunny Have To Do With Easter?”

In The Periphery…

Be strong and of good courage; do not be afraid, nor be dismayed, for the Lord your God is with you wherever you go.” – Joshua 1:9

It is strange that some answers or inspirations constantly appear before us yet our busy minds seem to push those signs into the background of our landscape. The periphery of our lives contain many wise thoughts yet one has to slow down to absorb the messages for our present circumstances. Such was the case for me this week as I finally noticed the red magnet on the whiteboard in my office which highlights Joshua 1:9 and the phrase -“Be Strong and Courageous!Continue reading “In The Periphery…”