The End Of An Era

at least in My mind….

As high school kids are graduating into the next phase of their lives, many will carry life experiences that have transformed them so far in their young lives. Some are just happy to walk the stage or receive their diploma.

Yet there are others who have tried new things in their younger years and may not realize the impact it will have in their future careers, relationships, and thought processes. I feel excited for many of them as their journey is much different these days.

I share similar emotions as teachers of many of the graduating students. While I may not have been a full-time instructor (I commend those who have the tenacity to teach our next generation), I do reflect upon many of the special children that were in my care from a different type of background.

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A Very Special Christmas Gathering


The brisk sunny afternoon was the perfect welcome for the annual Christmas party that was about to begin. Relatives near and far converged upon this particular home which enjoyed the perfect backdrop of the San Francisco Bay Area. The Oakland hills greeted this extended family to a party expected to be filled with laughter, stories, and love that transcends four generations!

This much-anticipated family party was about to begin!

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A Familiar Look…

We attended the funeral service of a dear sister in Christ who was suddenly taken home at the end of August. She was only 55 years young and was full of life. She had a conversation with her brother the night before she passed and everything seemed normal.

She leaves behind a humble and wonderful husband and two grown daughters who are just beginning their lives in the world. Nothing prepared them for this unexpected loss. I was very shocked to hear this news (as many were as well) and could not wrap my mind around the finality of the situation.

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The Ritz Carlton

Have you ever had the chance to stay at a Ritz Carlton Hotel in any location? If you ever want pampering, this is a great oasis to visit. A bit extravagant, their rooms are immaculate, spacious, and a beautiful view that creates a dilemma to spend your entire stay in your temporary home or use it merely as a restful haven.

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‘Tis The Season Of Giving…

As the end of another year draws near, many reflect upon what they have accomplished from their New Year’s Resolution List (OK, stop laughing). Others ponder on the missed opportunities in life and defer it to next year’s goals instead. Sure, there are six more Fridays to Christmas Day (didn’t mean to panic anyone) or for some, seven more weeks until 2015 is over!

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The Next Generation Arrives…

Wednesday was fast approaching and I was looking forward to seeing my son and his new bride. After their wedding day only ten days earlier, I realized that once they crossed the front door threshold, I would be seeing the next generation of the family tree and all the hopes and dreams that awaits us all.

Ding Dong!  My heart was beating fast as I opened the door. I must admit – there were a lot of mixed emotions but that was easily overcome by Continue reading