All For A Purse?

I wonder how society has reduced itself to material possessions in exchange for dignity and human preservation. In spite of the economic data (which I always believe to be politically slanted), the good people of the United States are not completely back on their feet financially.

This gives way to an excuse for criminal activity by some while others are simply trying to get by with whatever they have left. Many strive to live on and do their best to maintain whatever lifestyle they can afford. Yet, there are some who insist on inflicting pain and suffering to satisfy their own lack of gain.

Such was the sadness felt by my local community only a few days ago. Continue reading “All For A Purse?”


Light Always Exposes The Truth

Last week, I had the privilege to be a part of the government process in which a public hearing was held at a local council meeting. At issue was the unfavorable termination of a well-beloved police chief by the city manager and city staff. I did not know the circumstances behind the situation but I felt that something was not quite right about it all.

So I attended this meeting to hear, for myself, the facts and provide support for a man whom I know personally. His character and integrity was above reproach yet somehow, the city staff disagreed. Continue reading “Light Always Exposes The Truth”

5-0 Is In The House!!!

Dropped by a local city the other day and was pleasantly surprised to meet one of the new officers – my son!!!

He has finally passed his field training and is now a new addition to a squad of fine public safety officers. Unlike what the news portrays police officers to be, there are many, many public servants in the “blue” that actually do GREAT work for their communities and the people they serve!

Unfortunately, it is the few that command the most attention from the news media.
Why? I believe it is because Continue reading “5-0 Is In The House!!!”