The Holidays – Full of Cheer (and Tears)


The holiday season is finally upon us! No matter where you live, we all share the same dates on the calendar. Thanksgiving in America, Christmas, and New Year’s Day (followed close behind with Valentine’s Day in February). We spend so much money trying to find favor from loved ones with our material gifts. Then our tears really begin in January as we realize how much we spent for Christmas shopping alone! Continue reading “The Holidays – Full of Cheer (and Tears)”


To Be Free Like A Bird

P1020354 (4)

Ever wonder what it must feel like to be a bird flying through the air, manipulating the wind for the desired flight patterns, and to soar without a care in the world? It must be wonderful to take to the skies with the flapping of the wings and seeing the world from high above. Their unobstructed views must be spectacular while their eyes capture breathtaking pictures of life.

I may be over-simplifying the life of a bird as I am sure they have their own stresses to deal with such as feeding their young (not to mention themselves) and watching out for their own natural enemies. To think that it all began in an egg Continue reading “To Be Free Like A Bird”

A Mother and Her Children…

It is high school senior year for my youngest son and aside from the many rituals that accompany this momentous milestone, the search for photos to be included in the school’s annual yearbook seems like a right of passage for parents before they send their once-little ducklings into the big world that awaits their future imprints!

Yes, there are the scheduled college tours, preparation for the exit exams, senior prom, senior portfolio projects, Continue reading “A Mother and Her Children…”

A Special Time of Year

As Fall envelops our daily lives, memories and anticipation sometimes raises our stress levels. The planning of the Christmas shopping list, festivities, and decorating the place of dwelling. For most, it is a fun and cheerful time of year.

Yet for others, Fall can represent a different type of emotion – one of reflection, sadness, and loss. The longer we live here on earth, the fewer seats at the festive family dinner table there will be. Most times, those empty seats are replaced with new memories, loved ones, and new beginnings. The human heart has Continue reading “A Special Time of Year”

Life Is Like A Drive … Through The Tree!!

Last year, we took a drive up the California coastline to see the Redwood trees. If you ever get the chance to do this, I would highly recommend it. The majesty of these giant trees date back several thousand years. I would consider myself as tall but when I stand next to any of these Redwood trees, I feel as small as an ant!

One of the famous stops for tourists is the Chandelier Drive-Thru Tree. It is wide enough for most cars to drive through but you must possess nerves of steel when going through such the journey. I was unsure whether my vehicle would actually fit. One tourist yelled out to me – “drive fast!” With my son inside the car to enjoy the experience with me, I aligned my steel chariot, folded in the side mirrors, took a deep breath, and slowly let go of the brake.

Drive Thru Tree

As the car moved towards the narrow opening,  Continue reading “Life Is Like A Drive … Through The Tree!!”