At The Speed Of “Blink”…


What has happened to me? Where did the past seventeen years go? How could this have happened? Is this real or a fantasy?

It was the first day of school in this region and summer seemed to have passed by like a strong gust of wind in the open desert plain. The past two months were very important as I wanted to spend time with my son before he moves to the next stage of his life – adulthood!

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The Big Move

The other day, I helped my older son move his worldly possessions into his first dwelling place as he prepares for the next stage of his life – marriage. I am not discounting his move to the college dorm seven years ago or his move into a one-bedroom rental in a friend’s house – those are important acts of relocation. No, I am talking about a place he can finally call “his own” where the realities of paying his bills, protecting his home, and maintaining his yard gives him that pride of ownership – that type of place!

Fortunately, the furniture was easily detachable thus making the packing of the parts easier to load into a crossover vehicle. The largest solid piece of furniture was the headboard of the queen size bed frame. This was not the first time I have helped him move his furniture so experience played a major role in this activity. They wanted to move into a one-bedroom cottage in a rural area that was just far enough to escape the daily rat race while enjoying nature at its best. I have never been to their new place so I was excited to see it. With the first load ready to go, we embarked on our new adventure. Continue reading “The Big Move”

Four Generations…

We were invited to a Red Egg and Ginger Party the other day to celebrate a baby’s third month of life. In the Chinese culture, this is a common party (at least when I was growing up) and it was a celebration of new life. Friends and family attend to not only honor this newborn’s arrival but to share in the excitement that lies in store for the new parents.

The egg symbolizes life change and the shape of the egg represents harmony and happiness in life. The eggs are dyed red as this color, in China, means happiness.  Guests bring gifts and, in return, the parents give the red eggs to their guests.

As we arrived, I recognized some of my extended family members. They greeted us with smiles and hugs while admiring how our son has grown up.  Then we saw the guest of honor… Continue reading “Four Generations…”

Thirty Years Later…

History repeats itself in fascinating ways!

The other day, I was reflecting upon where and who I was thirty years ago. Have you ever had one of those reflective moments in which you take a walk back in time only to realize that those years are gone like the blink of an eye?  Whatever time frame you choose, take a minute to reflect who and where you were in the past.

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Down Memory Lane…

The other night, I was sifting through the myriad of photos in my collection  to find specific pictures for my son’s upcoming wedding (as per his request). I am not as organized with pictures as I am with the rest of my life and thought to myself, why not apply those same skills to these boxes of photos?

We were not big on photography but managed to have a decent amount of photos documenting our lives and our children’s growth throughout the years. I discovered several empty photo albums which will be a great incentive to organize them by child and the family in general.

My face was constantly smiling as I was reminded of the events of years gone by. Thank goodness for technology as I was able to scan many pictures and crop out photo-bombing strangers throughout the years. Suddenly, in a large cardboard folder, I pulled out a picture that took my breath away…. Continue reading “Down Memory Lane…”

It’s Raining Inside…

A familiar fragrance…

An anniversary of old…

The material possessions that bring back wonderful memories…

The arousal of these senses often evokes deep, and perhaps suppressed, emotions that are difficult to share with others because only you can understand the anguish these past hurts will bring upon you for that temporary moment.

It is approaching seven complete years in which my wife went home to the Lord. I have never forgotten those last days with her and the pain I knew would come in my future years without her by my side. The dreams we had hoped for and the real life we shared are like a wisp in the wind. She was taken home too early and her last wish was that I continue to live my life with complete strength and integrity. In honor of her memory, Continue reading “It’s Raining Inside…”

Life Is Like A Bowl Of…

I want to begin this post with a HUGE disclaimer – I am not a chef by any stretch of the imagination!

I love to cook but lack the patience to properly learn “how to” do it well. Instead, I enjoy creating recipes as I experiment with the meals though no two meals are ever exactly the same. It is a paradox for me as I enjoy planning yet have a “no limits” type of personality within me.

Life is very similar to the way we cook (in my humble opinion). Some follow a recipe with full trust that the dish will manifest into the same creation of the chef who penned those instructions. Others will use the recipe as a guideline to create the dish with a unique outcome. Still, others choose to simply “make it up” based on their emotions given what is available for immediate use (who knows if a new dish will be born of this creative effort?).

Sometimes, I tend to be the latter chef in my own kitchen. Food is food after all and I enjoy cooking freely and experimentally. I often make mistakes but simply chalk it up to learning how “not” to cook or prepare something for consumption. Such was the case this past weekend. Continue reading “Life Is Like A Bowl Of…”