A Very Special Christmas Gathering


The brisk sunny afternoon was the perfect welcome for the annual Christmas party that was about to begin. Relatives near and far converged upon this particular home which enjoyed the perfect backdrop of the San Francisco Bay Area. The Oakland hills greeted this extended family to a party expected to be filled with laughter, stories, and love that transcends four generations!

This much-anticipated family party was about to begin!

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Little Mary (part 2)

You might be wondering why this is part-2 of my previous blog entitled “Little Mary”.

To fully understand the impact of the story written in part-1, you have to read the letter written in 2010 from this little girl (who was a three-year seasoned performer by now with Kidz Praise).

The letter was written as a class assignment and the comment at the bottom came from her teacher. The letter is written here in the original format (misspellings and all) …

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‘Tis The Season Of Giving…

As the end of another year draws near, many reflect upon what they have accomplished from their New Year’s Resolution List (OK, stop laughing). Others ponder on the missed opportunities in life and defer it to next year’s goals instead. Sure, there are six more Fridays to Christmas Day (didn’t mean to panic anyone) or for some, seven more weeks until 2015 is over!

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